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Shoot thru mesh

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Just wondering what the consensus is on shooting through the mesh on groundblinds. I have never done it before. Always had the windsows open. But, I set up a blind today and was thinking of how much extra concealment the mesh gives you.  Would be nice to hear opinions. 


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I've seen too many easy shots go bad from shooting through the mesh. I would never do it. 

Agreed. I have this discussion with my buddy all the time. I have never done it but I just think it’s a bad idea to add another variable to the situation.


My buddy has done it with success but I will not try it.



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For some reason I seem to be at odds with Rusty lately, not my intention I assure you.

In my experience this past winter Shooting Deer for a farmer at night from a ground blind (no Deer were wasted BTW, he was adamant about it) I initially started out with the screens down, but after shooting some deer, the rest became more aware of the blind and associated it with danger and would stay out of range and stare in until they either saw something and walked off, or were comfortable enough to come in. But then trying to shoot one was very difficult and had to be done without so much as a heavy breath or they would bag me. 

So I then went to screens up (and I only had the two corner windows open, that’s it) mode. It made a tremendous difference in concealment, and I shot quite a few through the screens at 25-30 yards and had no issues whatsoever, other than a wholly screen! 

Not saying someone couldn’t  have had a different experience, this is just what I experienced. 

While we’re at it, I’m sure you’ve seen these tips before but in case you haven’t, wear all black, face mask too, Camo won’t do it, open only windows necessary to shoot from, and sit as far back in the blind as possible. 

I have a few more tid bits but I’m not at liberty to divulge that info at this time!😁

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Ideally I’d leave the mesh up and shoot through with a fixed blade razor tipped broad head. I think pre mature blade deployment is the biggest cause for inaccuracy so if you have to use an expandable, I’d think you’ll want one that’s got sharpened wing blades, like a swhacker or something similar.

It’s a ton less resistance than shooting through a whisker biscuit and people do that all the time out to great distances with no issue.

But like you said, test your setup and see how it does.

And on a side note, the resident deer will get used to seeing black windows, but when new buck shows up looking for the first hot doe he won’t be used to it.

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