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2 hours ago, JerseyJaysTaxidermy said:

I'm curious as well.. I know of a large wma and 1 corner of it touches a park and ride property.. didnt know if I would get handcuffed parking there and slipping in to the wma. (Its a few steps from the parking lot)

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If its a park and ride that requires a parking permit you will be ticketed,otherwise you should be good to go

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DOT land is open, public land.  Typically, it is very close to roads and you couldn't or wouldn't hunt there, but you can certainly access other lands by walking through it.  Fishing related - there is a very long stretch of the upper Musconetcong River along route 57 that is NJ DOT lands, and anglers can fish any part of it.  I have some experience with NJ DOT lands and stream restoration projects.  From that standpoint, they are a PITA.   

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3 minutes ago, mmfan36 said:

 Ill just park on the state land then walk to the other parcel along the dot land.Doubt anyone will see me anyway zooming by at 85mph anyway. thanks for info

Out by me, we see hunters park in the grass along routes like 80 and 15 and 206 to hunt, and that is NJ DOT land.  They never seem to get hassled so long as they are off the road safely. 

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