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Appalachian Trail Pictures- rubs, bucks, walking sticks

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Well, was hunting last Saturday opening day at my new , most favorite,  best , all time , secluded ,secret deer hunting spot, off the Appalachian Trail looking west towards Pennsylvania ( I always think my newest spot is the best ) .I generally hunt on top of the mountain with my stand facing north and slightly west to avoid the sun rising in the morning and when it sets in the evening, usually I don’t hunt the west looking side of the mountain because it is windy all day, most times the wind is out of the north or northwest. 

What I have learned over the past many years is when it’s windy I see a lot of deer moving, you just have to be very focused because it’s hard to hear ! Also make sure if you are in a lok on tree  stand hunting in the wind that you are in a thick oak tree, if you are in a thin tree and it’s windy you will get blown around all day and not good for shot placement ( deer comes in, looking thru peep sight, moving target, ALL BAD !). Well last Saturday got very hot during day, deer lay down and watch TV all day, all bad ! Also bow hunting on top of the mountain while the fellas are sighting in the muzzle loaders across from the Flatbrook or shotguns at the fish and game headquarters and I hear the shots all day echoing up, well you know it’s that time again and it doesn’t get any better being in a tree stand on top of the mountain!

We need some cold  weather, deer are moving at night, starting to separate from the fellas, starting to rub, lots of small scrapes . Oh, and this one camera is on a scrape and I get this bear walking in ! There are so many bears, soooo many,to bad you can’t bear guide in NJ

Met one guy on the AT who left Georgia June 12 and he said he had 8 more miles to go, he was getting picked up at route  206, he said it was 8 more miles to go, asked me if the bakery is open, told him there is a GYPS tavern to the left, no bakery, he said they have beer ? I said yes, big smile ! He had just hiked about 1370 miles, started  to get emotional,  can’t imagine doing that and I’m in decent shape, he said he was 61 years old !

Well you never know what you will run into up on the AT! Had this walking stick bug on my leg, took his picture and safely released!


The picture of the rub on the mountain. laurel , well my tree stand is 61 yds behind it 23 feet up in a tree in the picture ,see if you can find it,









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I could find it I know that area VERY VERY well :nonono: but, I would never intrude on your piece.  Its definitely some hard core hunting up there.  I wish you all the luck and hope to see you with one in hand. 


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