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1st hunt of the year out in 17


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First chance to get out this year. Decided to put to blinds up on a 120ac soy bean field. Got out here at 1400 (late start, I know) and set the first one up in the middle of some weeds that are going to die off but can get a few weeks use out of it. Hopefully they last till the soy beans are harvested.  Has  heavy paths coming out of the woods all around and you can see where they congregate about 30yds in to the beans straight out. This is where I'm sitting tonight. The other is in the middle of a tree that's been growing side ways.  Both were easy to brush in.

Never hunted a blind the first day I put it up, but with limited time, I'm going for it.



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Good luck. Blinds are fun. You can get away with a lot of movement. Just watch your scent. And if you have new young hunters who can't sit still....blinds were made for them. Lol. 

My one son get be a statue..  the other one..  not a chance. Lol. 


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2pm is a late start to set up 2 blinds and get in for a sit. For me anyway I am very particular about blending in the blinds.


I saw nothing, I heard a lot of movement behind me towards the creek and a tree getting thrashed. I saw 3 deer on my way out but it was too dark to see what they were. I am willing to bet one was a buck, it had a huge body. Not gonna be able to hunt for at least 2 weeks so hopefully everything settles and they get used to the blind. There is very low pressure there so I am sure it will be good.

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