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Do You Believe Her ?


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Sad thing is there are so many people that believe the lies, that once Kavanaugh is sworn in the real war is coming.

They are already up in arms that the vote will probably take place tomorrow.

I think if I was him I would decline the position,, and personally sue for deformation of character every person that mis spoke the truth.

After what he has been through who needs all the grief the position will bring him and his family.


the last few days they have actually labeled him a rapist.

Even if  this had happened as she said it did, it never comes close to that label.





Captain Dan Bias


50# Striper live release club.




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She has the bloody arrow to prove it, but won't show it to anyone .  Taxidermist has the mount, but we can't see it.  She was afraid to take pics of it because she doesn't know how to use her phone camera, but has a million selfies stored on it.  She renovated a room with a cathedral ceiling to hang it in, but that was done years before to put in skylights.  But, we are against all woman if we don't believe her.

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