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Arrowed one on my first sit of the year


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First sit of the year this morning. I wanted to get out earlier in the season but having a one year old at home and a new job doesn't lend much time to the hobbies right now. However, I finally had a morning open and took the opportunity to get in the stand. Got in the stand around 5:45 this morning. Enjoyed the nice cool temps as the sun came up. Right at 7 AM a nice doe came walking directly downwind. Sniffed around a bit and did a few back and forths deciding which way to proceed. Decided to come up the ridge toward me. Took the 25 yard shot. Waited an hour and climbed down and found good blood. Marked it and I'm returning to the truck now to take my gear off before coming back to finish the track. Wish me luck!

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The trail went cold after some great blood. Thought this was gonna be an easy one based on initial blood. Oh well. It's all part of the adventure. Time to start the grid and find where she left off. Hopefully I'll have some pics to follow shortly. Thanks for all of the well wishes. 

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Looking away. Out of curiosity. what made ya think that this was gonna be a bad one?  I thought the blood color and amount look great.

Many times some has posted after a hit only to not find the deer.  It doesn't look like good blood to me either.

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