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Rub identification

hydro psyche

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Hey guys,

First time poster, long time lurker.  With all the knowledge here, I figured I'd ask a question I've had for along time.  When looking for buck sign, new rubs are a pretty obvious indicator of activity, but what do old rubs look like.  When scouting recently, I found an area with scarred trees, that I believe to be old rubs.  Some look like they'd been scarred a long time ago, and used again.  Other were obvious fresh rubs.  Looking at all of the pictures attached here, I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the "scarred" trees...are these old rubs or some other issue with the tree?

Look forward to the feedback.  thanks  



















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To answer your question though - if you have an area with old rubs being rubbed over fresh then you have found a good spot.  Bucks have been frequenting that area for many years.  Find out why.  Is it a funnel?  Is it near a bedding area?  Is there a community scrape nearby that you can capitalize on?

Looks like you got a great spot there, best of luck with it.  

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Thanks Rusty...so you're saying those scars in the pictures are in fact old rubs that have essentially healed over?  I want to make sure before I set up on what might otherwise naturally cause those trees to look like that, rather than antlers being raked across them from year to year.

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Oh man you guys are getting me excited!  I can't tell you how much time I've spent in maps and miles I've put on my boots scouting this summer to find prime areas to hunt on public land, where I can hunt these animals based on their natural tendencies.  

Almost all of those rubs were in a radius of 40 yards.  There is good bedding, food, and water very nearby...in my first two sits over the last week and a half, I've seen many, many does filtering in and out of this area.  Although no bucks, these first two sits have given me the most deer action than all of my other public land sits combined.


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Welcome!  Most of those pics are pretty old by the amount of healing around the wound.   Find the fresh ones, and rubs that look like they were worked more than one year, and worked again this year, or in the immediate area of the older rubs.  These were worked multiple years, and still were being worked.

40283423042_4da3d03ffc_b.jpgIMG_6927ca by shot4u2c, on Flickr


37435456244_4be2996291_b.jpgIMG_8254ca by shot4u2c, on Flickr


15255663188_d41bdc0d0b_b.jpgIMG_6667C by shot4u2c, on Flickr

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