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Most dangerous NJ cities


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3 minutes ago, yoda4x4 said:

I'm surprised Newark didn't make the top 10.


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Silly of you to not realize, Cory Booker cleaned up that mess a few years ago before becoming Senator Spartacus!

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LMAO i am familiar with wildwood vineland , milleville, bridgeton and atlantic city and who ever thinks wildwood is # one is a moron I honestly would say milleville / vineland  can give camden a run for its money.that isn't to say its not getting bad down around wildwood just last week a women my wife knows  was followed in a store in rio grande she asked for an escort to her car at the register and an off duty LEO took her out and sure enough they were followed as he tried to stop the person she said he / she jumped in a vehicle and took off the the LEO said she was lucky she asked for an escort... but milleville and vineland are on another level...

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