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Follow the blood!


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So tonight was a lesson in...just follow the blood, not what you saw. I'm in my killplot (with my Evercalm :P) and look into the thicket 15yds in front of me and see a doe looking at me. She can't make me out in my ASAT and continues to eat. First arrow looses the knock and goes low. She comes back (Evercalm :P ) and I drill her. I watch her wheel around to the left, disappear in the thick stuff and then...no noise?? 10 mins later, I see a tail flicker 70 yds straight away heading towards water and I'm thinking I hit her back...she's heading to water.

I get down, stalk over there and...no blood...no doe? Double back to killplot and bump a doe out of there...what the?? My head's spinning at this pt. Was that her? So I slow it down, go back to the hit and find pinkish blood. Start following drops of blood thru the thick stuff, almost on my hands and knees I see she circled back into really thick stuff and wedged herself into a crazy thicket.

Didn't go 10yds total. So...lesson learned....the blood trail doesn't lie. My eyes were fooled by the second and third deer, but the blood didn't lie.

Ohhh...and Evercalm works. And don't forget your phone like I did, so you can add a nice photo to your post!

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Unless you see the deer go down .it is always best to take it slow  And look for sign from the shot .

Many times just being on the wrong trail thinking it's right where the deer ran causes panic to set in if you doing see sign there .

Best to get right on the blood immediately and take your time taking in all the rest of the clues

Captain Dan Bias


50# Striper live release club.




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