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Post your favorite deer fillet recipe


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As said olive oil, S&P Garlic Powder grilled to rare.  Or   I brown some onions in butter, remove onions, turn up the heat, add some more butter and fry till rare adding the onions back once flipped. That and some bread for dipping is all I need.  If need Birdseye has some roasted red taters with string beans I steam.  Ps. The tender loins should be removed before it's sent to the butcher, I'm sure your talking about the back straps / loins.

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For something a bit different...

slice them into medallions, 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick, however you like.

season them with salt, pepper, garlic powder, ground ginger, and set aside.

start sauteing broccoli in olive oil and soy sauce, season with ginger, salt and pepper to taste. 

dredge meat in corn starch and add to pan with broccoli.

cook until meat is done to your likeness and broccoli is tender. serve over rice, if you like rice.

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Take your backstrap or tenderloins out on the fridge at least a half hour before  cooking.. Let them get to room temp. You shouldn't cook cold meat. Get a skillet burning hot. Add butter and EVOO in the pan. Rub salt and pepper (nothing else) generously all over both sides of the meat. Put the meat in the skillet, about 30 seconds per side. This creates a seared crust that most famous steakhouses have on their steaks.. Move the meat out of the burning hot skillet (to prevent burning) and put into another pan that's only slightly pre heated. Finish in this pan to your desired doneness. Right before you take it off, top the meat with a bunch of butter and season generously with sage. Best way to do the good cuts of venison. I like to serve it with a charred jalapeno, sautéed in olive oil and garlic. 



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salt, pepper, minced garlic ( in the jar)  ,  oil and red wine. pour over loins let sit in fridge 15 min max... Fire up grill high heat cook to your liking.. Im a rare fan.... I also started adding Montreal steak seasoning and taking out the salt... Thats been real good last 2 times I made it...  

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I am all for pan seared tenderloins, although I haven't gone to the level of hunter115522.  I just dry rub them in something pepper based in sear both sides in butter to get a moderate crust but still very pink inside... 

As with backstraps - leave whole, don't "pre slice" as my dad used to do.    I prefer the tenders pan-seared and the backstraps grilled.

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