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Effect dog trackers have on nature?


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Seeing so many dog trackers recovering so many animals nowadays I wonder what effect it might have on nature?


All these deer in years past would have been eaten by other critters.. predators and scavengers.


Now they are being found and utilized which is great, but does that mean coyotes need to kill more live deer because they are not finding enough to scavenge from?


I understand there are still a high % not getting a dog tracker.. but as time goes on and more and more deer get found after the shot will that affect the other animals?


I guess not terribly, as there are still tons of road kills available..


Any thoughts?


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1 hour ago, JHbowhunter said:

Jay I worry about you sometimes!  

I know what he's going through,  when my kids were tiny and woke in the middle of the night for food or dipper change then refused to go back to sleep.  

I started drinking earlier too.


Not a complete a$$ hole just one of the dingle berries that hang off it.

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