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Is it legal?? Cocked but unloaded crossbow after shooting hours


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After deciding to switch to a crossbow discharge bag target instead of a discharge bolt, now I have a question.

I'm going to use the small bag target near my truck to unload the crossbow


Is it legal to carry a cocked crossbow, with no bolt nocked back to my truck after legal shooting hours if hunting somewhere other than private property?


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From the digest (under prohibited) with my interpretation in bold

Carrying a loaded firearm within 450 feet,
or a nocked arrow within 150 feet of a
building or within 450 feet of any school
playground (whether or not occupied) is
prohibited, except the owner or lessee of a
building and persons specifically authorized
by him in writing may hunt with a firearm
within 450 feet or a bow within 150 feet of
the building.

So, as long as the arrow isn't in it; your free to walk through a safety zone with a cocked crossbow.  But, you must discharge before driving:

Transporting an uncased firearm in or on a
motor vehicle or ATV or transporting a cocked
crossbow in or on a motor vehicle or ATV.



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I never read anywhere it is illegal to walk back with it loaded.

If you have a bolt in a cocked xbow or shells in your gun after legal shooting time has ended you are illegal because with a loaded weapon you are actively engaged in hunting after or before hours. Go ahead and load your gun at 7:30am opening day of pheasant season infront of a game warden and let me know how it goes LOL




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The way I think it works is: as long as its unloaded (clocked ok but no arrow nocked) you are ok for walking through safety zones and walking in the woods before or after shooting light because you are considered unloaded 

But the rule is more restrictive for a vehicle.  In that case you can't even be cocked.


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