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Good sit tonight. All walked..


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20180930_182204.thumb.jpg.13c92fb874603eba42f19dd16fecd374.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Attached below are some trail cam pics as well as some pics from tonight's sit. Wind was not great as I need a south wind for this set and it was blowing due north. It changed several times due to the ravine I was in like it always does here. While looking for a certain buck, 3 does and a small 1.5 year old 8 came in to 18 yards. The buck traveled downwind and crossed a fence to get into the stand of white oaks I was in. He dogged all 3 does whenever they would get close sometimes chasing them in a circle around a tree. 

When I saw antlers my heart was in my throat, as I am looking for a mature buck. Been doing this a long time and when I tell you I still shake and get nervous waiting to see what is coming in. That, to me is one of the best parts of bow hunting. The day that feeling ends is when it is time to hang up the bow. 

Picked up a crunch block from Tractor Supply last week as suggested by Buck154. They are crushing it, but I must say they are more interested in the acorns that are falling like rain everywhere.






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