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Building my own stands


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2 minutes ago, hammer4reel said:

looks good, 

expanded metal is tough for stand bases though , unless you put a lot of welds on it its tempermental to temp changes and can make a lot of noise 

I weld the B Jesus out of the expanded metal. Everything that can be welded is. 


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8 hours ago, Buck154 said:

Cool but little to heavy. The steps look a little long. If you step on the ends they can bend.  Not bad over all

Im 280lbs but it's a 280lb very well proportioned and semi sexy. The steps are 3/8" solid square stock. 8" long. While I hear what your saying, they flex but don't bend. They are that length so my boots don't scrape the tree while climbing. As far as the weight, yes they are heavy compared to thin wall ameristep sticks. These make zero noise also with no shifting. For the 20 or so pounds, I carry them in,screw and strap to the tree and I have way more confidence climbing these then the cheap rattle trap sticks sold. If someone want to steal them,go right ahead, hope they use a impact gun and #30 torx bit. I make them in about 40 mins so im not worried and they on private property.

I've made so many different versions of all these items that I feel I worked out all the bugs and feel they work for me. If you were to climb them, I think you'd feel the same


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