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Lone wolf sticks


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5 minutes ago, yoda4x4 said:

I have a set of LW sticks but only have a size 9 boot. If I were to buy them again, I'd go with the XOP version as the have a mechanism to lock one stick to the next one.


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Lock one stick the the next to carry, or to climb?

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I have both. The Lone wolf sticks are proven, rock solid sticks. With that said, I find the step to be a little small for my size 15 boots lol. The xop’s have a better design for larger feet with a longer/wider  curved step. However, they’re not as rock solid (at least for a really big guy) or light as the lone wolfs....and have seen a couple instances where a particular piece that holds the step, cracks. They have seemed to fix this by adding another bolt. 

Lunatic, the xops lock together for carrying. Very cool innovation. But that spot seemed to have a quality issue as the twist lock snapped off mine in the dark while trying to put them back together one night.  The twist lock is located behind the middle step and attaches to the step behind it. When they’re locked together, it’s rock solid and you don’t have to use clank them around to strap them together. 

Whichever sticks you get, I advise taping them up with stealth strips to silence them. The difference between silenced sticks and non-silenced sticks is amazing when you accidentally bang something together. 

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