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9-29 pm check in


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Out in zone 5 looking for another doe got in a little late .but it's going to be one of those days. Pulled my camo out of my box in the back of my truck and all wet so sitting in the blind in a t-shirt .went to load my crossbow and it didn't crank all the way back had to pull it the rest of the way by hand. Looks good now but could have been a bad bay. Well here a sit good luck 

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6 minutes ago, cewoz560 said:

Out in 16 turkey swamp and game 2 kids in Atv tearing the place up! Told them they were in a hunting area is played dumb and are still at it. Wtf... Hunter harassment?

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sounds as bad as my hunt went had the hunting club next to the WMA out on horses running dog through the WMA.

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