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Attaching hardware cloth to flat metal


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OK, so I found out how mice are getting in my garage! Little bastards!!!  Now I need to fix the entry points.  It's right by the garage door track, between it and the framing.  The one side I can pin 1/4" hardware cloth to the wood framing, and then could use a masonry bit to screw a hole in the concrete and use a screw/washer to hold hardware cloth down there, but how do I secure it to the inside of the garage door track without interfering with it's operation?  There is a cable that runs down the outside edge of it, so I have to be careful not to interfere with that.  I think drilling/screwing anything into the track frame would be a problem for the wheel that goes down the track inside.  Maybe I'm not looking at the problem from the right angle, so figured I'd see what the smarter minds on here think! :)



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5 minutes ago, Lunatic said:

No use stopping them from coming in. When they start in my shed I kill about 4 of them before they are gone again for several months. I use peanut butter for bait and it only takes two to 3 days.


Just set 4 of those type last night.  I had others that weren't sensitive enough and mice would just eat the peanut butter.  Still need to stop how they get in. 

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3 minutes ago, Hitemnasty said:

Without pics it’s hard to picture the gap or what will actually been seen but Great Stuff makes a expanding foam for pests. The mice shouldn’t chew through it. The con is it’s unsightly. 

Was thinking about that too.  Would have to cut it close after it cure to not impede cable on outside of track but not so big a mouse could get through.  

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