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9-29 morning checkin.


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Lol.. what a great day today will be..

I meet my dad at our spot. Its 6:10.
We toss on our safety belts and I said let's take 1 truck up the hill (his truck has ladders and racks on it which is noisy bouncing up the bumpy dirt path.

Anyway.. we decided it's too late to unload and load his stuff in my truck so we go for it..full speed ahead.

Park 75 yards from his stand and I'm digging around my truck for a small bag to carry a couple cups of bait in because I know last weeks bag is long gone.. as I lean across my trunks I slip and fall onto my horn and i got stuck there for a good solid 5 seconds.

Good luck. These are the messed up situations memories are made of LOl

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