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Would this be wrong to do?


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Somethings fishy.   A stand, and trailcam on public land that hasn't been stolen??? 

Had somebody put a stand, and trailcam, and bait pile in front of my natural blind after he followed my tracks in the snow to see where I was hunting.  Sometimes you have to through your arms in the air and walk away.

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8 hours ago, MZ7Extreme said:

So I have a stand on public land and some guy decides to put a camera 10 feet behind my stand then move it to right on where I have 3 trails merging into 1.

I want to go on the side of this guys camera and  show him my tip. I find this funny and am seriously considering doing it.

What say you?

Are you eating brownies again  :headscratch:  put a mask on and just bare it all.  Dare you  :lookaround:


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