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In The Market For A New Cam


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I have an old Moultrie I40 that I expect will just about make it thru the season, I got my money worth from it !!! So been looking at replacements, and boiled it down to two.....Bushnell HD MAX (blackout), and the Moultrie M990i (black out). Both are quality cams, the huge difference is in price the Bushnell is more expensive, this is the only thing I could find from reading reports. So I contacted trailcampro.com about each one. What they told me from the reviews is the Moultrie takes better video, has a zoom lens, better night pictures/video, lower price tag, the advantage of the Bushnell is battery life, which doesn't concern me much cause I would use the lithium batteries (they last long) and I don't get many pictures like some guys do the deer population isn't high where I hunt, and that all the Moultries M990i's are updated with latest software. The cheapest I found them has been on WalMart.com for under $150, of course Cabela's is about $50 more so when the price lowers at the end of the season I will buy from them since i have gift cards from them.


Anyone with either one of these cams, I would like to know your opinion.

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I have some Bushnells from a few years ago that are color (daytime) and IR (night).

They are OK for bait setups but not fast enough IMO for trail setups...especially at night, too much blur.

I haven't been in the trailcam market for awhile now, so can't comment on the latest and greatest.

robnj's Coverts look like they yield some good results. :up:

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