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Rage Hypodermic Crossbow blade replacement kit


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For anyone who shoots these specific heads out of their crossbows, I have found the Rage blade replacement kit works well. The Hypo crossbow blade kit is $20 from Amazon and is simple to use. I have replaced blades on obviously clean and undamaged hypodermic ferrules last year with no issues. Attached are some pics below. The first pic is of the used heads, and the last two pics are of the finished ones. Each ferrule was spin tested prior to installing the new blades.   





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Not to start a broadhead war but I bought two packs of the hypodermic’s  about a month ago and could not have been more disappointed. 1. The practice  head was michiend wrong so I was unable to screw them onto the bolt. 2. For the price of the heads you would think that you could get more then one shot out of the shock collar.   3. After shooting one deer the head was destroyed.

l replaced them with G5 Dead Meat 3 blade broadheads and could not be happier.  The practice head worked well.  The first shot of a deer was a complete pass through and stuck into a tree 15 yards behind the deer. There was absolutely no damage to the broad head. This has since become a practice head which has been shot in excess of 50 times using the original shock collar. This is just my opinion but for the outrageous price we pay for broadheads I expect a little more then one shot then a rebuild.  

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2 hours ago, maximus66 said:

Oh boy, catnips gonna scratch your eyes out



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I gave up I do not care what anyone uses and why they use it or how they use or where they use it or how many times they use it.  I just do not care.  :banghead:   

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