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Where's the Buck?


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In my circle of friends that share trailcam pics, I havent seen anything that would get me excited. Ive been watching this decline over the last 5 or 6 years. Cant change guys habits. 

On another note, I havent stepped in the woods to hunt. The last 2 years Ive been waiting a little closer to Nov 1 before I get in the tree. I like to leave the woods quiet for as long as possible to draw in deer from the surrounding area. Even then, you cant kill something that doesnt exist. 

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I've been out twice and it was last weekend. Saturday I had a big 6 point at 35 yards and on Sunday, I was only out for 10 15 mins and my son had shot a doe and I had to help him. I'll be out tomorrow afternoon for a buck. I'll probably only see does.

"The Nation Which Forgets Its Defenders, Will Itself Be Forgotten".

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