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UPDATE going to miss at least some of bow season after getting hit in eye


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last week i was cutting grass and a rock richoted and hit me in the face on my left eye and nose ,came from directly in front of me .  immediatly i went black and after a few seconds i became all blurred and couldn't see to use my phone luckily I had my 7 year old  son home and he was able to text and get my wife on the phone at work to come home. she took me to an eye doctor I my eye is scratched and full of blood that needs to drain so i have to sleep in a chair and only sit at rest nothing strenuous had to see him on a dailly basis for a few days . he said that up to a few years ago when the drops he gave me come out you where put imediatly in the hospital till it drained .after seeing him today it is draining but still have atleast a week before its drained completely so for now i have three different eye drops i take on an houtly to three hour time frame. at this point he cant say how long  could be another month. the drops make everything blurry and give me a headache ugh. sucks was hoping to start hunting this week instead I am stuck sitting on my ass.. I just pray I get my eye site back to where it was something the doctor will not say for sure he just kinda looks away and shakes his head.....

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