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Bear Meat

Cousin Brown

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6 minutes ago, Gobblengrunt said:

I think the prep as soon as that animal dies to the freezer has more to do with taste than the age or size of the animal.  

I agree, Im wondering if prep was perfect for both sized animals.

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As the saying goes, "You are what you eat". I've shot 1 bear, a 2 year old male in Walpack. Raised on nuts and berries. I will take that over deer meat any day. Now, if you shoot a dumpster diver, the meat may taste different. A former coworker went to Canada and shot a bear over a bait pile it was feeding on for months, and said the meat was terrible.. If you bait, choose wisely.

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A 130 +/- boar to a 10-year old sow to a 560 pound boar all tasted good.  It's all in the prep.  I freeze jugs of water ahead of the hunt.  I fill the cavity with them soon as I get the bear home.  I change them out in about half hour.  Take to a butcher with a walk-in cooler and get it hanged so no part of it is touching ground.  Never had an issue with spoilage or bad tasting meat.

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I always use Joe from 57 West.  His bear sausage is out of this world great !!! And his prices have always been reasonable too.

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As others said, the key is not only to cool it down right away, but to remove the hide and the fat ASAP.  Once that is done, I aged my bear for 5 days in cold weather and it tasted great.  But I left the check station, drove straight home, skinned it, then removed all of the fat layer on the outside of the meat before leaving it to hang to age some.  

Just because you dropped it off at your butcher's and he has a cooler doesn't mean he didn't leave it for a day or more before skinning it.  That can make all the difference with the taste.  That fat layer become rancid very quickly, and that is why the meat tastes like crap sometimes.  Cooling down the cavity always helps, but it can't help most of the meat which is being touched by the hide all over the backs, legs, outside of the ribs, neck, etc.  Only skinning and removing the fat layer as soon as you can will ensure that great tasting meat.  

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