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NO HUNTING-Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

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United States Department of the Interior
Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
Bushkill, Pennsylvania 18324

October 24, 2013

Dear Sportsmen and Sportswomen:

As you may be aware, two utility companies- PSE&G in New Jersey and PPL in Pennsylvania are
currently upgrading an existing transmission line and associated structures within their Right of Way (ROW) in Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. The portion of the ROW that passes through the park is approximately five miles long and 150 feet wide. The ROW runs
west to east fl·om Bushkill, Pennsylvania, across the Middle Delaware Scenic and Recreational River to Hardwick, New Jersey where it crosses the Appalachian National Scenic Trail and crests Kittatinny Ridge. More information on the power line project, including maps and
construction schedules, can be found on our website: www.nps.gov/dewa.

During the construction phase of this project, recreational use of the ROW will be limited to
protect the public ti·om safety hazards associated with construction activities.

A "No Hunting" zone will extend 450 feet fl·om the centerline of the ROW in both directions creating a 900-foot wide, approximately 5-mile long area that is closed to all hunting ti·om October 22, 2013 to
April I, 2014.

Hunters may not possess any means of taking game animals identitied by the states of New Jersey or Pennsylvania while walking through or across the no hunting zone.

This includes hunters with shotguns, rit1es, handguns, bow and arrows, cross bows, or any other means of taking game animals. Hunting is also prohibited along the utilities' access road to the ROW off Community Drive in Middle Smithfield Township, P A.

Old Mine Road in New Jersey, from Worthington State Forest to Millbrook Village, will be closed for several days during the months of November and February while the utilities remove existing transmission lines and install new lines. I do not anticipate any other road closures that would impede access to other hunting areas in the park.

The rest of the park remains open to hunting in accordance with National Park Service and state regulations.

The size and scope of this project and the commensurate risks to the public, employees and contractors during the construction phase, make it necessary to institute this temporary prohibition. After the construction has been completed in the spring of 2014, I look forward to
lifting the prohibition and welcoming hunters to the park as we have since the park was established in 1965.

A meeting with National Park Service staff and representatives from the utility companies will
be held on October 29, 2013 at 10 a.m. at Bushkill Meeting Center on Rt. 209 in Bushkill, PA.
Following a short presentation by National Park Service staff and utility company representatives, questions about hunting regulations will be addressed.

Please contact my secreta ry , Lynn Dennis, at (570) 426-2452 if you plan to attend . T hank you
for yo ur kind attention in this matter.
Man That stinks!!!!   Does anyone have a clue what days old mine rd will be closed?


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We've got something similar going on up near Monksville Reservoir.  They are upgrading a gas line there and a lot of hiking trails are closed as a result.  I don't hunt the area, but I assume there is probably some huntable land closed too.  Timing sucks, but it's for everyone's safety.

Sapere aude.


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