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5 hours ago, OneShot1Kill said:

I ordered this one to get less bulk from my other hss with vest. It came with a Large one. 


How do you like it?  I was just looking at it yesterday because I need to replace my current harness.

Elite Pure, CBE Tek Hybrid, 10" B-Stinger stabilizer, Limbdriver rest , Alpine Soft Loc 5 Quiver, Muzzy 100 4 bld, Slick Trick Viper Trick Red Head Gator broadheads, Beman ICS Hunter 400 28" ,Scott Quick Shot release, Vortex 8.5X50 Vultures  :cheers:

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In my opinion it's ten times better then the vest. Nothing wrong with vest wore it years, but wanted something more low profile. Seat belt type clips for legs and chest, quick easy and light. Highly recommend. I also have a similar one by spider which I like a lot as well. That one clips inside my scent blocker suit. Both hsrnsses you don't know your wearing and like a lot.

"Natures law of tooth and claw is far crueler then any death I could ever bestow" - Fred Bear

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