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Salmon Time


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Made a trip up to the Salmon River with my boys and a couple of friends. We hit it just right and had steady fish pushing up the the river every day. Mostly Kings with a mix of Cohos one Steelhead and Brown, all released. Here are a few of the many that were landed. We were using 7 and 8 wt flyrods with egg patterns. 







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6 minutes ago, maximus66 said:

Outstanding OMC! I am just counting the days until we hit The Oak. Give me a shout next year and me and the boy will hook up with you guys up there.



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Sounds good 

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Nice Mike. I was up for the first time last week. River was dead Tuesday. Wednesday my friends crushed em. I went up river, I just couldn't land em. Next year I will be better prepared,,,including Korkers  as I fell in the river,,,lol. I should've reached out to you after talking to you on our fluke trip. You def need the right gear up there. Great time none the less. I shouldn't have left the pack. Like you said, the DSR is the way to go.

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