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Appalachian Trail cam pictures- Ridge runner on a scrape


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Well set up a new lock on tree stand off the AT On top of the mountain looking west right off a nice run , nice scenery about 1553 ft elevation, don’t usually hunt that side because the wind comes out of the northwest and it’s always windy . I’ve noticed the past couple years that I see more deer when it’s windy. Well noticed 2 big scrapes about 80 yds from my tree stand and I know it’s early but I threw a camera on it and a little doe urine in the middle and a little buck urine on the outside just to find out what made it and to keep him interested , sure enough I had a deer in the next night but to foggy to make out, but 2 days later this big mature buck came in , I think he is the same one I have on my other camera 80 yds away, it’s the one daytime picture with brown horns . 

Anyway I always heard early scrapes are young bucks , I found out in the last couple years that it’s big mature bucks doing early scrapes and they can be had, using some scents and a little light grunting you can April fool them. Good luck!






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56 minutes ago, Sako76 said:

1190, nice deer, isn't a long drag down to your starting point?

Yes, but the good thing about hunting on top is it’s all DOWNHILL , never see anybody, but do hear the hikers walking on the Appalachian Trail, years ago people hiked from Georgia to Maine with one hiking stick made out of wood , now they all have 2  metal ski poles so I hear them clank, clank , clank, well when the deer come in they hear the hikers and they look past my tree stand towards the hikers and are fixated on them and not ME !

If you go out in the woods now and find a fresh scrape, put a little scent in it now, doe pee in the middle, Buck urine around the outside, put up a stand and hunt hard for a couple days, that buck will be back ! Here is one from last year, look at the date, October 4, saw a scrape, put up a camera, no bait, read the signs ! Good Luck !



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