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Back from Montana / Wyoming Lots of Pics


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.Long week.  Flew into Billings, MT last Saturday.  Drove to Red Lodge the next day and back to Billings.  Billings to Cody, WY.  Cody to Sheridan, WY.  Back to Red Lodge.  Back to Billings.  Home.

Looking for real estate.  Guy at Billings Enterprise asks my wife if we are staying local.  She says yes and then we proceed to put 1ooo miles + on the rental.

No pics of Billings.  For MT's largest city, there was not much traffic, trees all through the city and some real nice houses along the rimrocks,  but way too many meth-heads and other miscreants that we are trying to get away from here.  Cross it off the list.


Road from Red Lodge to Yellowstone's NE Entrance.  It's steep and a bit un-nerving until you get used to it.



Typical view from/in the Beartooth's.



Road from Cody to Yellowstone's East entrance.



Another view along the Cody - Yellowstone road.  Shoshone River.  Grizzly Bears were reported to have been viewable fishing it, but we were never there at first or last light so we didn't see any.  Two and a black bear were killed on the road within the last 15 days.


Yellowstone East Entrance Gate.  We came all this way only to turn around.

Cody's nice and the view's of the Rocky's are awesome.  WYO has open and concealed carry............  And you can ride your ATV right down main street.  Kind of touristy, busy in the summer, not so much in the winter.  We did look at a SF dwelling on five acres we liked ..................


Road from Cody to Sheridan crossing the Big Horn's.



Big Horn's cattle grazing.



Lone cowboy bring the sheep down from the high country for the winter.



Big Horn fall colors.



Driving down and out of the Big Horn's to Sheridan.

I deleted all of my pics of the area around Sheridan - it was so big it was overwhelming and there was no way a photograph could convey the vastness of the environment.  Sheridan was nice.  Too big for us though and still growing.  Crossed off the list.  But if your wanting to see antelope and deer, this is the place for you.



Scrubs..........  Seriously.  In one night along on road we saw 250+ whitetails.  All coming out into irrigated fields.  We watched four 10-points that had to be pushing 140 - they were massive.



Antelope rut was in full swing.  This one was tearing up the brush.



Scraping and pissing in it.





Best muley buck I could get a pic of.



Back in Red Lodge.  Hiking trail above the area we really liked.  Look's like RL is going to be our final stop.  Will go back in January to get a feel for the winter and the winter crowds.  Although Cody is a close second and WYO is more conservative and we might give it one more look, we love the RL area (similar to Jackson, WYO).

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Awesome. Wife and I flew into Billings for our honeymoon. drove to Cody, stayed there for a week, then drove to red Lodge and stayed at blue sky cabins for another week. Elk bugling in valley below cabin, caught hundreds of all kinds of trout, saw wolves, whitetails etc. Traveled the Beartooth daily. Beautiful country 

"Natures law of tooth and claw is far crueler then any death I could ever bestow" - Fred Bear

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Really incredible pics.   Even though it can get really cold in the winter,  the beauty of that scenery is worth the price IMO.  It just lifts your soul up to have those views, I can't understand how people living in the city and suburban areas don't appreciate why people live there year round.  Just breathtaking.  I hope you find what you are looking for, tranquility and happiness. 

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