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What should I do? Corn baiting question.


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I have been baiting a new spot for the last month and a half.  My season starts next Saturday.

Here is my dilemma.  When do I bait going forward?

New job and no vacation days allows me to only Hunt on Saturday.  This is state woods.  Corn doesn't last 6-7 days with most activity being 1-4 days and its gone.  So baiting on Sunday to hunt the following Saturday is pushing it.  

The only logical thing to do is bait weds/thursday.  However I work until 3:30 pm.  Which puts me walking in the woods at 4:30 to bait.


How would you handle this Situation?


--- Please no baiting comments.  I am a lazy hunter and fisherman.  I'd rather chunk the bay then troll the ocean and I like to bring the deer to me... ----

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Welcome to the site Killerbee.  :up:

Right now it is literally raining white oak acorns,  and the deer are hammering them.  If you have a few white oaks in your area you can save yourself some corn and hunt the oaks.  

But to answer your question, if you are going to bait Wednesday to hunt Saturday I would spread the corn over a wide area so the deer have to work for it.  That way it'll last longer.  Bring a scoop and throw the corn as far as you can in all directions.  

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All good answers.  I had a buddy in the same boat and he baited 8 o'clock at night and killed deer the next morning.  Put as much out as you possibly can and spread it as far as you can.  I bring an iced tea pitcher out and throw it as far as possible.  This helps from other hunters seeing a pile and keeps the deer in a more natural mode of feeding/browsing.  And pray the turkeys don't find it.  You could also put something out that will last a while like a berry block just in case the corn runs thin.  Try to bait at the same time every time.  They will pattern you, but that's okay cause you won't be hunting them at that time.  If you put a camera out you'll be surprised how quick they come into that bait when you leave.

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On 9/23/2018 at 10:02 PM, Nomad said:

Put a Record Rack Wild Berry Block out.  It will fill the gap until you can get there with more corn.  It will keep the deer interested.  They will lick the block and pull some corn off of it.

They only last 3 days now . Hopefully they get that issue fixed . As the newer blocks are still not what they used too be

Captain Dan Bias


50# Striper live release club.




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