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2018 trapper's ED in the books


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11 minutes ago, gobblergetter said:

It was the best class with the highest scores .

We even had one student that went into the bathroom after the day was over and came out dressed in a suit jacket and a white preacher collar.

Said he had to go to work and wished us a happy Sunday !

Wish I had a pic of that.

he said he was a lutheran priest.  i tell you i didnt see that one coming

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Just for the record that is hunter harassment what Mike is doing to me :rofl: Seriously, great group of instructors and great group of students. Nice to see a good turn out. Thanks again to all who made this happen and take the time out to teach the rest of us about trapping and get us certified.



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Looks like a fun training. Will have to try to fit that in some year in case I manage to get a decent property in future or find extra time. Had fun live trapping and releasing as a kid.

Saw a guy setting muskrat traps while mid day duck hunting last year. I was surprised how fast he placed his sets. I guess the real time needed is prepping those furs. 


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