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anyone else experience inconstistent winds?


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Try apps like weather underground, I weather, or weather bug. They are hyper local and use crowd sourcing to get up to the minute real time weather from private weather stations. For example I get my weather from a guy who has a private weather station set up on his 80 acres less then a half mile from me. It tells me EXACT temps , precipitation and dead on wind readings for my spots near home. You can use these apps to locate yourself anywhere on the globe and get up to date weather for exactly where your standing. Good luck

"Natures law of tooth and claw is far crueler then any death I could ever bestow" - Fred Bear

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1 hour ago, Buck154 said:

Is the weather man ever right :shakehead:

Watch it I posted how bad their predictions are and the amounts of wasted money.  Past week for my area, they are 100% wrong again.  Swirls and back drafts have more to do with the terrain your hunting.  Mornings- Evenings- Leaves - No Leaves.   


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