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Savage 110 Trophy Hunter Review

Silver Belly62

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I don't do many reviews on equipment but thought I would do one on a recent rifle I finished up with in case someone else may be in the same situation. I had been wanting to get a larger caliber rifle (bolt) for the past couple of years for some future hunts I'm interested in doing. Looked at many different models and calibers at all different price ranges.  Towards the end of 2017 Savage had a promo going on for certain rifles which included a $100 rebate. I decided to get their 110 Trophy Hunter rifle in 300 Win Mag which came with a walnut stock, Nikon 3-9x40 BDC scope, rings and bases.

The Nikon scope that came with it is a nice scope however I do not like the BDC circles on these model scopes. I had a extra Leupold American Marksman 3-9x40 that wasn't being used for anything so I put that on instead, but still used the rings and bases that came with it. The LOP was a little shorter than I like so I added one of those slip on Pachmayr recoil pads to build out the LOP and to help with recoil.

Next up was ammo. Didn't want to use good hunting ammo to use for the break in period and initial sighting in so this past spring Cabela's had a sale on 180 gr soft point PPU ammo that I couldn't pass up for this purpose.  Also picked up some Remington Core Lokt, Federal Power Shok, and the Winchester Power Point (white box) to try as well.

After bore sighting the rifle and cleaning it I then started shooting the PPU ammo for the break in period and sighting in. If there is anything I've learned the hard way over the years, that is to take your time and break in the rifle barrel right the first time and be patient. Started with a series of single shots with cleaning the barrel  with a patch between those shots. Then moved to a series of two shots, clean, two shots, etc etc until that process was done then went on and started shooting some of the hunting ammo to try and find what pill it likes.  For the hunting ammo I first tried the Remington Core Lokt and then the Federal Power Shok and was very disappointed with those loads. I've used them in several other rifles I have had and hunted with over the years and were always good, but every rifle is different. Moved on to the Winchester Power Point and they were a lot better than the other two but still thought I could do better in accuracy. I'm not much for buying premium ammo but had a gift card I forgot I had and decided to use it on some of the Barnes Vortx 180 gr ammo with the TTSX bullet.  That ammo shot a lot better and have included some pic's below from the range, was at 100 yds and decided to leave it roughly at 1 1/2" high. Would like to try another range to see how it does at some longer shots.

Overall I think the rifle is a good budget friendly rifle for someone that might be looking for one in the future, and as with any rifle it's just a matter of finding which load works best for that barrel. There are a few things I think they could do better on. One being the drop out magazine. The magazine itself is metal but has a clip in the front that locks the mag in place which is plastic and might possibly cause a problem later on, would be better in my opinion if it was metal. Another item is the recoil pad which really is no pad, just the harder black style. I"ve seen some of their synthetic models have a much thicker softer recoil pad that they could also use on this model instead. Might consider a after market stock/pad in the future if I find something I like but for now I will leave as it is.  Hope this review helps someone else out that might be in the same situation or a younger shooter/hunter just starting out.

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I bought that Savage Trophy Hunter last year (I got the black synthetic stock) and had the EXACT same impression with that magazine. 

First, yes, the plastic clip seems cheap to me. That was the first thing I noticed - I thought, "well, THAT'S going to eventually break". So far I haven't had any problems with it. Then again, I rarely use it. When at the range, I just load single rounds directly into the breach after each shot, but that is mainly because I think its more of a pain to use that magazine - that plastic tab is a pain to use when trying to get the magazine out. It's not easy to remove. 

Another thing about the magazine is that plastic clip doesn't nicely "snap" into position - you have to press kinda hard and even then when it snaps in, it is not a crisp "click" - I never know if its firmly in or not. It's kind of "mushy" when you seat the magazine in (hard to explain it, but if you have one, you know what I mean). Usually, when you insert a magazine in any gun, you get good sound and tactile feedback - you just hear and feel it click into position - this magazine doesn't have good feedback like that.

So, yeah, overall, that magazine is the most disappointing thing about the gun.

I'm also not crazy about the reticle in the scope, but I didn't have another spare scope so I left it on the gun. I got mine in .223, so really, I'm not shooting out far enough where I need to worry about much drop anyway. Aside from the reticle (those 3 circles), I also don't like the fact you need a coin or something to turn the turrets. I prefer to have something on the knobs to pinch with my fingers to turn - that way I don't have to remember to have a coin or something with me to adjust it. But at least the glass was good - once zeroed, I'm fine with it.

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14 minutes ago, maximus66 said:

Good write up. All things considered, that group is not bad for a stock budget minded rifle in 300 mag. With a stock upgrade to a more stable platform for that caliber I wouldn’t be surprised to see routine 3/4” groups.

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Thanks, that was my thoughts for the shot group since it was a basic stock rifle. Curious to see how it does a longer distances when I get a chance to use another range

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