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First come, first serve.. 1 piece camo, it's old but still usable. Maybe good for a kid just, starting out. A couple little rips but nothing major. It's a med regular, adult size. Camo LL Bean Pack. It's old but only used twice. If you take one of these items you're getting both LOL. Also have an old paintball gun called a Spyder shutter I believe it works fine haven't used it in years and it comes with a 20oz CO2 tank. Lastly is a whole bunch of old arrows all aluminum. Not sure if anyone can use them if not they are going in the garbage. I'm not going to leave on the old Razorback fives broadheads, those stay with me for nostalgic reasons LOL. Everything is located in Monmouth County, I'm always either in Monmouth County or Staten Island, pick up only everything is free let me know if you want anything. If not all the stuff is going in the garbage soon. 







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39 minutes ago, archer36 said:

I'll take some or all of the arrows if no one else wants them. I can make crossbow discharge bolts out of them. 

Ok, you're 3rd in line for the arrows. 2 others interested, I have to measure them to see if they are the right size for the first gentleman, if not theres 1 other guy waiting. I will find out Friday.  If the first 2 don't take them, they are yours. 

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