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Neighbor found dead


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I'm beside myself. I came home from the doctor yesterday to find my little neighbor dead in the road........Bucks are notorious for crossing at 90° angles. It was unfortunate for this deer to try to go unnoticed on the curve in the road right near my place. He was a spike last year and was developing into a nice buck. Would have liked to see him in a few years, but life is hard for the Whitetail competing with speeding vehicles on country roads. He could have been a contender. Damn, I hate seeing this. Especially, on my birthday. He was actually laying on the inside of the curve. I moved him off to the side so he wouldn't cause any problems laying on the blind bend.


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41 minutes ago, Zipper said:

I hope you relieved him of his backstraps.........Roadkill everywhere sucks!

The cops showed up right after I took those images and they called somebody in to take it away. It was gone last night.

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