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Wayne area deer heard ?


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Was wondering if anyone can tell me about the numbers of deer in the Wayne area ? The reason I ask is i'm thinking about expanding my deer repellent spraying business a little south of Bergen county. I'm already in lake community's in the Bloomingdale area so a little further south won't hurt. Before I advertise I would like to get some feed back on people who know deer and if they do a good amount of damage to the landscape in this are. Thanks

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I own a pest control business in Pompton Plains but, I do not do deer repellent. I do a lot of work in Wayne and in the surrounding area and I get a lot of people looking for deer repellent sprays. I can send some work your way. Just PM me your info.

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Tons of deer in Wayne, especially on the Hamburg Turnpike section by the College, country clubs, and golf course. There is at least 1 company that advertises in Packanack Lake, but I’m sure you could get a few accounts. My family has a business down on Valley Road and I have only ever seen a handful of deer down there, but rest assured, they venture out at night into the residentials.

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