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First Sit, A little bummed need some input


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Whats up guys, 

So before I left for work 3 weeks ago (I work on Tugboats 3 weeks at a time in the gulf of mexico) I had gotten my mini food plot in the ground and it had taken off nicely. So to my surprise when I returned today for my first sit, it is damn near a patch of dirt. All but everything is gone in the middle. The remnants of the clover and turips I still do have look as though they were sprayed. White dusty looking leaves. I have no idea what could have happened. Any input on this? See below for the pics before I left. This was 1 weeks growth! I walked up with high hopes and am very disappointed. Ill get some pics of it when I return. Headed to a different spot to sit tonight and see if I cant make something happen. Thanks 

The pics are of 1 weeks growth. Id say about 10% of the green is still there now





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