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Hunters and anglers should not consult or rely on the mobile app operated by Parks By Nature. The company is no longer affiliated with the Division of Fish and wildlife, and does not have up-to-date information.  

I never used the Pocket Ranger app for regulations but have used it for "Friend Finder" to see where my buddies are.

Anyone use anything else to keep track of a hunting partner's location in the woods??



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Never found "Pocket Ranger" very useful.

I use "HuntStand". It also has the friend finder and can lay down tracks/routes of anywhere you go. The displayed maps can be toggled between satellite-hybrid and USGS topo.  The premium version ($11.99 per year) has a feature that tells you the owner of the property you click on.

Previously I used Trimble "GPS Hunt" , but they sun-downed that about two years ago.. Although I lost a lot of saved information I am glad they ended it. The HuntStand I use now is significantly better because of what I mentioned above.

I have three other GPS apps on my phone:

"AntlerInsanity" isn't very useful for navigation, but it has a feature where you save stand locations then you can get the wind direction at that spot from anywhere.  I find that useful when I am deciding where to hunt based on wind direction before leaving home .

"USTopomaps" isn't as good as "HuntStand " .  However it does have more map overlays. One of the overlays is a marine map that indicates the depth in fathoms anywhere in the ocean. I looking forward to using it the next time I go fishing  on a party or charter boat.

I also still have "Trimble GPS Hunt" on my phone. While the maps no longer work the satellite compass still does. This is especially useful in Z3 where there are many places with iron ore in the ground that throw off a magnetic compass.

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Thanks 230....I'm really just interested in the FF part. Need to keep tabs on my 75 yr old brother and my 40 yr old daredevil son when we're up at the DWGNRA or Jenny Jump. Gonna try huntstand.


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