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Doe Estrus Scent


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It works all season. from the start to the end on bucks.    Guys I am making a challenge to those of you with balls. Next August take some doe in heat urine, and place it in a dripper and put a camera on it and see how many deer buck and doe you get coming in on it.   The only time I tell guys to not use doe in heat is when the rut is in full swing till mid dec if you are hunting doe.   during that time some doe will spook or get edgy on heat, so if you are hunting bucks only no problem but if you are doe hunting that time go easy on the heat.  Go ahead take the challenge and prove me wrong, I have had many come back and agree with me.    Bucks come to heat any time of the year. they just come in differently.  By the way all the guys that use tc plus all season   tc  plus is hard heat.  LOL    so take the challenge  that is unless you wear pink panties LOL




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I had some out earlier this week. I had two bucks walk by downwind of it and neither one came in to it. 

I've yet to see any chasing either, in fact day before yesterday I saw 4 does with a buck and they acted like it was still September.

It's going to break soon tho so I'll keep putting it out. 

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