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Really dumb question.....


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Ive been bow hunting for quite some time but never got my shotgun or muzzy endorsement(?). Do I need to take the hunters ed class allover again or can I just show up, smack a couple clays, take the test and leave happy?  

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Here's an excerpt from what's required:



To complete a hunter education course a person must do the following:

  1. Obtain the free home study materials: The course video on DVD and studyguide/workbook are available at specified vendors, Division field offices and available for download at online (links below). Students also have the option of using the alternate, fee-based HunterCourse.com site for the course(s) you are interested in. Completion of this online course and presentation of the printed voucher at the field session/exam location can be substituted for completing the workbook; students still must complete the written exam and live-fire field portion.


  2. Watch the video, read and study the manual, and complete the workbook (or use the HunterCourse.com site as noted above). Completing the practice exam(s) for the course(s) is recommended, as is practicing safe handling of your firearm and/or bow. There is a proficiency requirement for bow students. This requirement entails placing at least three out of five arrows in the vital area of a 3-D deer target between 15-20 yards.


  3. Check the exam/field session schedule and register online.


  4. Attend the field session well prepared with completed workbook. Students arriving without a completed workbook will be turned away.
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I've taken hunter's ed three times.  I was one of those people who just couldn't get enough of the class and took it for my shotgun permit.  Then a few years later I decided to bowhunt.  And several years after that I went for muzzy.


The self-study part is really nice.  Print out the workbook first and then watch the online videos with the workbook in front of you.  Most of the answers can be filled in that way, but not all of them.  You're still going to need to read the course book.  You can read the PDF on the computer and fill in the rest of the workbook.


Bring the completed workbook with you and sit for the class.  They go over all of the materials you'll see on the test.  Shoot, take the written test and you're all done.  They'll issue you your card at the end of the session.  If you can do shotgun/muzzy the same day, you really should.  Unless of course you're like me and enjoy the class enough to take it three times.

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After one year has passed since you last took the written safety test and you want to add bow or rifle or shotgun, then you must take the safety portion again along with the weapon-specific portion to get that weapon safety card.  That is why it's best to take them all at one if you can or within 365 days to avoid some extra time taking the safety written portion of the test. 

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