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Great Swamp Wildlife Refuge in New Vernon to conduct deer hunt


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An FYI if anyone is looking to hunt up that way! :up:




Refuge Manager William Koch announced that the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge will be conducting its annual deer hunt on the following dates: Nov. 2, and Nov. 6-9.

The refuge will be closed to all other uses and users while the deer hunt is underway.

The refuge will be open only to those persons who possess Great Swamp special deer hunting permits issued by the Refuge and the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife.

This will be the 40th year that the refuge has held a regulated deer hunt. The purpose of the hunt is to maintain a balanced deer population in harmony with the environment while also providing recreational opportunities compatible with the Refuge’s purpose.

Contact Dorothy Fecske, refuge wildlife biologist, at 973-425-1222, ext.158, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



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Even though I was only 8 for the refuge's first hunt, I clearly recall all of the news media about the hunt each night while my parents watched the news.  I knew I couldn't wait to turn 10 to be able to hunt with my dad, so I was already a hunter in my then young mind.  What I recall most wasn't the protestors, but the tiny size of the deer in that herd.  They had full grown bucks that only weighed 50 to 75 pounds which was lighter than our German sheppard at the time.  The deer were everywhere and had totally eaten themselves out of their habitat. 

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