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A Randolph man was caught Thursday trying to hunt on a private hunting club's grounds


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So no license and saw the posted signs but attempted to hunt anyway...good job by the employee reporting it and the officer charging him!  :up:





A Randolph man faces several charges including defiant trespass after he was caught trying to hunt on private property in Byram, police said.

At about 11:39 a.m., police responded to Hudson Farm where an employee called to report that he caught a man trying to hunt on the farm's property, police said in a news release.
Patrick J. Lacosta, 24, of Randolph, the man who was apprehended, told police he did not have a hunting license and that he saw the posted signs advising him that he was on private property.

Hudson Farm Club is a private club for hunting and shooting located on 3,800 acres of landscaped farmland in Sussex County.

Lacosta was charged with defiant trespass, and issued motor vehicle summonses for failure to exhibit documents and failure to change address by Byram police.

Lacosta was also charged with trespassing for the purpose of hunting and hunting without a license by an officer with the state Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Fish and Wildlife, Bureau of Law Enforcement, police said.

Lacosta was released pending a hearing in Byram municipal court on all charges, police said.



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Maybe he just wanted to see if he really likes hunting before he goes threw all the trouble of getting a license and securing a place of his own to hunt...  Some people are just making way to big a deal out of this...looks like we've lost another one..Now he'll probablyy join the Anti's.. :cupcoffee:


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 Total lack of respect and disregard for the laws of the land. This type needs to be prosecuted to the fullest and made to understand it is not OK to do these things. Also probably not his first time tresspassing or hunting without a license.


Why is it so hard to understand if it is not your property, keep out. And qiute honestly, I would not want to call this guy a fellow hunter anyway. Just another "black eye" for the rest of us who follow the rules, hunt legally and with permission on lands we know we do not own. Most of us do not pretend we don't know it is not ok to hunt lands without "no tresspass" signs. Nor do we try to justify it in our minds that because there is no signs, it is a green light to do what we want on someone elses land.

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Hudson Farm Club is one of the most exclusive hunting clubs on the planet and exceptionally well run.  You have zero chance of trespassing on that property in spite of it being 3,800 acres.  When I'm on their grounds for work (river restoration), I check in and have someone from the management with me at all times and wouldn't have it any other way.  They do a phenomenal job of conservation of their lands as well.  But fair warning - don't trespass!  


BTW, their Foundation does more for NJ hunters and anglers than virtually any other organization, yet most will never know that.  And they are home to Griffin & Howe gunsmiths.    

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