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Lefteye scores in PA using Redneck's Pride Outdoors TC Plus drag lines!


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Tom just text me pics from his recent hunts and asked me to post them up!

He's been using Redneck's Pride Outdoors TC Plus scent with great results!

Ask site sponsor and member redneck for more info on his scents or check out his site at ACP Wildlife Control Services & Redneck's Pride Outdoors



Doe from last week, came in downwind right on the TC Plus!



Got this 6 pointer who came in on a string to the TC Plus and stopped at 20 yards!




Congrats Tom on two great deer! :up:

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Great job...

What kind of drag material are you using?

I used a drag from Dicks that has a bunch of orange cords 3-4-inches long. I put on the ground, spray liberally and drag it to my stand from there. I just hang it upwind so the have to walk past to get to it. It keeps their heads down when they are close to you.

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