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Disappointment With This Week's Pictures

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Checked my camera today, I was disappointed not much action.......One doe with a fawn, same little bear that comes in often, he ended up coming in with another small bear, then once really nice bear......No bucks from what I can see......I did have a good amount of pictures that got blurred out by condensation or heavy fog....I could see the out line of a really nice bear and assume it was one in the picture below.....whatever deer I could make out I couldn't tell if they had antlers.

I put out today 40 lbs of corn and a 33lb. Sportsman's Choice Berry Block......Hopefully better pictures and more game this week !!!




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2 minutes ago, Buck154 said:

That stinks no bucks. That bear is really skinny

that little SOB really doesn't leave during daylight, he knows the bigger one is around, must be why the sow with 3 cubs aren't around this week

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