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Look To See If You Got Awared A Bear Tag !!


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I was at WalMart and saw that someone was at the counter in the outdoor section, so while there I got my Bear Tag, of course they said I owe $2.00 but then stupid read the screen and saw it was already paid for !!

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I went to Frank's Tackle, my local outfitter, to pick mine up.  No problems there.  It's much more convenient dealing with people who share the same interests.  :up:

I agree with you 100%, when I lived in Lodi I dealt with Targeteers and never any issues of course I still deal with them for my archery needs, but for tags/licenses I deal with whom ever I wasn't even going to Walmart for that but thought while there why not since there was a live body there.......it didn't take long, and it was entertaining

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