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10/12 check-in


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Checked weatherbug.com for wind direction before i went out this evening.. said wind was from the east..  That was perfect cause the deer have been coming from either the north, south or east.. Mostly from the north.... Got to my GB and the wind was out of the north.. But that was ok i thought cause i sill may get one coming from that direction.. As my recent luck would have it i had a big doe walking in to within 60 yards at around 6:30 from the south, she stoped, sniff the air for a few and turned around and walked away...The good news is i have seen deer in my last 2 outings.. Thats a big change from seeing NOTHING for almost 2 weeks straight.. . :)


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Just had an 8pt buck spook when he crossed the trail I walked in on. Looked like a 1 1/2 year old should be nice next year


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  Do you wear rubber boots?  I don't think Ive ever had a deer spook on my own trail. Not saying they don't just never seen it.


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