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142" 10 pointer Near Walpack


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We are renting the house out in PA next week for a week to a group of guys from Vermont, they hunt around Walpack, one of the guys in the group is a outfitter in Vermont, he guides for turkey and moose. Here is a picture of his friend from a few years ago with a 10 pointer, 142" taken near Walpack




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The file you attached is a saved HTML file of the actual email, not the image itself. The image is embedded in that email.

What process are you following? You must be going to FILE >> SAVE AS... to save your email then attaching it here, no?

Instead, right click the picture in the email and SAVE AS... the image itself locally on your computer and then attach it here.


FYI, I removed that attachment as you likely don't want it downloaded.

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Definately a nice buck. Walpack on the other hand is a beautiful place to hunt. I used to hunt up there for over 15 years. Being up in those mountains is like being in another state.I remember many times climbing up the hill we referred to as "Cardiac Hill", hunt till mid day, come down for lunch, drive to the Layton store for some of Hank's Peas soup. Then back up the hill for the afternoon. Wonderfull memories of Walpack.


I want to go back...

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You earn your bucks in those hills and that one is a monster.  That's the kind of drag out that leaves the good muscle aches.  The type of ache that goes away with a few Advils, a stiff glass of whiskey, and telling your story to your buddies :cheers:

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