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Young PA Hunter, & His Black Bear


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I love reading the comments on articles like this just to see the sheer lack of education and intelligence from the non hunter anti anything but bubble wrap people. Kid smacks a once in a life time bear in that area from what it sounds like and gets trashed. Forget the fact that hes only 16. Good job liberals lol 

Courage can''t see around corners, but goes around them anyway.



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Good job liberals lol



 lol.. i dont bother wasting my time argueing with liberals anymore.. i just talk to them like they are crazy people who belong in a nut house...


A few weeks ago i posted a pic of my taget buck on FB.. One of my closeted liberal friends got brave and decided to break out and  asked me "why".. I told her i'm not going to explain myself because i dont think she has mental faculties to comprehend my explanation.. well, next day she deleted me from her friends list.. God what a relief...  :cupcoffee:


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