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UBNJ 3-D Jamboree

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Jamboree is 9 days away.,


This year there will be three stakes  a youth stakes, a traditional stake and Bowhunter/Open Stake, that and we allow rangefinders and all targets will be marked yardage,

Part of 3-D is having fun and preparing for the upcoming hunting season, losing arrows is not fun(can I hear an amen!), so for the stake of your sanity and pocketbook, we are implementing these changes, Come have fun!!!!!

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Jamboree is 3 days away, Wow I was looking forward to a couple of weeks of running cameras and setting up stands.

After running a Summer leave for 6 weeks, negotiating with a couple of mayors and councilmen, working all weekend at the Whittingham shoot and setting up the Jamboree this week, I was ready for a little R & R.

Well Ole Murphy stuck his head into my plans

We are going to fight him enough is enough, we've jump through the hoops, we've reviewed every non-lethal option, we were told to come up with a bear management plan, we did and it survived the courts. Now, we're back to Non-Lethal methods!!! It is a public safety issue!!!! People are afraid to hike and camp in state parks because of the bears. Hunters are worried about being attacked or having their harvest stolen underneath them. We have already had one fatality, does Murphy want more??? I'll tell you, if someone is injured or killed, I'll hold him personally accountable!!! I'll pay for the lawyer to sue his pants off!

We need your help, how call ask the Governor tomorrow at 2 PM and re-iterate that this is a public Safety issue. I'll be on the phone with several Senators and Assemblymen, this week!


Support UBNJ, come to our Jamboree and support us or become a member, Join the Federation if you are already a member. We are going to need money for the coming lawsuit.

let's push for a constitutional amendment for the right to fish and hunt in New Jersey! Anyone that can help us set up targets this Friday all day, I'll give them a weekend pass for the Jamboree.

Even if you can give us a few hours after work.

I see my fall isn't going to be just sitting in a treestand like I had hoped!

Help us defeat this Johnny come lately all of a sudden knows what's best for Bear Management!

I'm Jack Spoto

and I'm a little pissed off right now!

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Yes we do the Jamboree is held on the same days every year the last week of August. There are way to many shoots to schedule around each other, Last week was Whittingham, this week was is Lincoln Park. Some guys from the North may drive down to our shoot and some guys from the Central may drive up for LPA, but the numbers are minimal. Its 2 weeks before opening day bow every shoot should be packed with bowhunters getting ready for the bowseason. BTW I hope LPA has a great Roundup, those guys are aces with me!!!

More Jamboree Information!!

Regarding Saturdays 2 man team shoot...
Registration runs from 7 am -9am
Two teams will shoot together.
If one team is left to go out at 9am A UBNJ council member will accompany the final single team and keep score.
The shoot off is at 230 sharp.

14 Dot will be in play at the shoot off!!

Lastly The UBNJ will be adding to the prize pool. 

Good Luck all!

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