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Chicago Violence Problem

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Trump has made right on a lot of his campaign promises. One of those was to straiten out Chicago by sending in the Feds. Circumvent the Mayor and local PD who are either complicit or who obviously have their hands tied by corrupt management. Form a multi agency Fed Task force FBI,ATF, US Marshals and start prosecuting these gun crimes in fed court.  Institute stop and frisk... Caught with a gun and take it Federal. Once these guys see there friends doing 5-15+ years in the fed system for gun crimes things will change.  Its just not happening now, obviously there is literally no fear in that city of carrying a gun and being caught with it let alone committing a crime with it. It can be done........

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I know for damn sure there are a lot of good Chicago cops that want to do their job but they’re scared shitless of not being backed when they do.

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On ‎8‎/‎9‎/‎2018 at 4:39 PM, Haskell_Hunter said:

Chicago will never be fixed.  The people and the leadership are too cowardly to try new ideas that don't conform to the left's talking points.  Chicago is also massively corrupt.  Makes NJ look like the Vatican.  They don't have the will to change.

If Dems want all of the urban areas, let them have them.  Look at the history of failures in every Dem-controlled city.  The upside is that all of the liberals are consolidated into a small area with a lot of violence.  Might help reduce their numbers.

Agree with the concept but the problem arises once the city population reaches a critical mass and then carries enough votes to steer the entire state. 

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